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Let the sun shine!

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Be child friendly!

You can learn a lot from them!

Pay attention to body and mind!

Especially when you are under pressure!

Eat healthy food!

It costs more time but less money!

No Hospitality? No Trip!

No Trip? No Party!

No Party? No Joy!

Visit People! Not Pleaces!

I`m Sorry!

For possible errors!

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Step # 1: Download your new logo

Step # 2: Go to followthecourseofhospitality.net (COMING SOON)

Option # 1: Offer hospitality

Option # 2: Seek hospitality

Bonus # 1: Seek a travel partner

Bonus # 2: Find a travel partner

There are no reviews here! You have to get to know the people yourself beforehand and only then accept or decline! Follow the course of hospitality! With respect, love (agápē) and compassion!

Be grateful to your host! Even if gifts are nice, contributions to cover expenses are more helpful!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit

Please share this page!


Is that an inappropriate request?

Actually yes, because I rarely share a page with others because not everyone needs to know what interests me, unless it is really a significant contribution that can also help others.

But still it would be important to share this page so that it is possible to build up a new network in a short time, because the more we follow the course of hospitality, the more opportunities we have to get to know new friends. Either near us or far away.

Because there are also many wonderful people around you who you do not yet know. You don't necessarily have to travel to the other side of the planet to find some!


Schritt # 1: Dein neues Logo herunterladen

Schritt # 2: Auf followthecourseofhospitality.net gehen (KOMMT BALD)

Option # 1: Gastfreundschaft anbieten

Option # 2: Gastfreundschaft suchen

Bonus # 1: Einen Reisepartner suchen

Bonus # 2: Einen Reisepartner finden

Hier gibt es keine Bewertungen! Du musst die Personen vorher selber kennen lernen und erst dann zusagen oder absagen! Folge dem Weg der Gastfreundschaft! Mit Respekt, Liebe (agápē) und Mitgefühl!

Sei deinem Gastgeber dankbar! Auch wenn Geschenke schön sind, sind Beiträge zur Deckung der Spesen hilfreicher!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit


Passo # 1: scarica il tuo nuovo logo

Passo # 2: vai su followthecourseofhospitality.net (PROSSIMAMENTE)

Opzione # 1: offri ospitalità

Opzione # 2: cerca ospitalità

Bonus # 1: cerca un compagno di viaggio

Bonus # 2: trova un compagno di viaggio

Non ci sono recensioni qui! Devi conoscere le persone in anticipo e solo allora accettare o rifiutare! Segui il corso dell'ospitalità! Con rispetto, amore (agápē) e compassione!

Sii grato al tuo ospite! Anche se i regali sono belli, i contributi per coprire le spese sono più utili!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit


Paso # 1: Descargue su nuevo logo

Paso # 2: Vaya a followthecourseofhospitality.net (PRÓXIMAMENTE, EN BREVE, PRONTO)

Opción # 1: Ofrecer hospitalidad

Opción # 2: Busque hospitalidad

Bono # 1: Busque un compañero de viaje

Bono # 2: Encuentra un compañero de viaje

¡No hay reseñas aquí! ¡Tienes que conocer a la gente por ti mismo de antemano y solo entonces aceptar o rechazar! ¡Sigue el curso de la hospitalidad! ¡Con respeto, amor (agápē) y compasión!

 ¡Agradece a tu anfitrión! Incluso si los regalos son agradables, las contribuciones  para cubrir los gastos son más útiles!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit


Etapa # 1: Baixe seu novo logotipo

Etapa # 2: Vá para followthecourseofhospitality.net (EM BREVE)

Opção # 1: oferecer hospitalidade

Opção # 2: Busque hospitalidade

Bônus # 1: Procure um parceiro de viagens

Bônus # 2: Encontre um parceiro de viagens

Não há comentários aqui! Você tem que conhecer as pessoas de antemão e só então aceitar ou recusar! Siga o caminho da hospitalidade! Com respeito, amor (agápē) e compaixão!

Mesmo que os presentes sejam bons, contribuições para cobrir despesas são mais úteis!

*JW = just wonderful, Queens = hostess, King = hostss, 100% = free, 13% = profit


Étape # 1: Téléchargez votre nouveau logo

Étape # 2: Allez sur followthecourseofhospitality.net (BIENTÔT DISPONIBLE)

Option # 1: Offrez l'hospitalité

Option # 2: Rechercher l'hospitalité

Bonus # 1: Recherchez un partenaire de voyage

Bonus # 2: Trouver un partenaire de voyage

Il n'y a pas d'avis ici! Il faut au préalable faire connaissance avec les personnes et ensuite seulement accepter ou refuser! Suivez le cours de l'hospitalité! Avec respect, amour (agápē) et compassion!

Soyez reconnaissant envers votre hôte! Même si les cadeaux sont gentils, les contributions pour couvrir les dépenses sont plus utiles!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit


Шаг # 1: Загрузите ваш новый логотип

Шаг # 2: перейдите на сайт followthecourseofhospitality.net (СКОРО БУДЕТ)

Вариант # 1: Предложите гостеприимство

Вариант # 2: ищите гостеприимство

Бонус # 1: Найдите партнера для путешествий

Бонус # 2: Найдите партнера для путешествий

Здесь нет обзоров! Вы должны заранее познакомиться с людьми и только потом принимать или отклонять! следуйте курсом гостеприимства! С уважением, любовью (agápē) и состраданием!

будь благодарен хозяину! Даже если подарки хороши, взносы на покрытие расходов более полезны!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit



步骤#2:转到followthecourseofhospitality.net (即将推出)





这里没有评论! 您必须事先了解自己的人,然后才能接受或拒绝!遵循好客之道!尊重,爱(agápē)和同情心!


JWQuekins.Party *JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, *100% = free, 13% = profit



ステップ2:followthecourseofhospitality.netにアクセスします (近日公開)








*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit


चरण # 1: अपना नया लोगो डाउनलोड करें

चरण # 2: Followthecourseofhospitality.net पर जाएं (जल्द आ रहा है)

विकल्प # 1: आतिथ्य प्रदान करें

विकल्प # 2: आतिथ्य की तलाश करें

बोनस # 1 : एक यात्रा साथी की तलाश करें

बोनस # 2 : एक यात्रा साथी खोजें

यहाँ समीक्षाएँ नहीं हैं! आपको लोगों को खुद से पहले से जानना होगा और उसके बाद ही स्वीकार या अस्वीकार करना होगा! आतिथ्य के मार्ग का अनुसरण करें! सम्मान के साथ, प्यार (agápē) और करुणा!

भले ही उपहार अच्छे हों, खर्चों को कवर करने के लिए योगदान अधिक सहायक होता है!

*JW = just wonderful, Queen = hostess, King = host, 100% = free, 13% = profit